Academic Supervision

Kelly O’Neil

Co-Supervisor with Keefe, J. (2018-19): O’Neil, K. Voices of Low and Modest Income Older Women in Obtaining Affordable Housing: Implications for Policies to Improve Access and Equity. Master of Arts in Family Studies and Gerontology, Mount Saint Vincent University. [Recipient of the NSHRF Scotia Scholar Award, and Donald Menzies Bursary, Canadian Association on Gerontology]

Research Staff, Students and Trainees

Denise Snyder

Denise Snyder, Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology and Concentration in Forensic Psychology (in-progress), St. Francis Xavier University, Research Associate and Coordinator, Arts Informed Nursing Home Project.

Emily MacEachern

Emily MacEachern, Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Sociology (in-progress), St. Francis Xavier University, Teaching and Research Assistant.

Laura Blinn

Laura Blinn, Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sociology (in-progress), St. Francis Xavier University, Wallace Family Internship Mentee.

Tracey Edelist

Tracey Edelist, PhD, OISE/UT, Research Associate and Affiliate, Spatializing Care Lab


St. Francis Xavier University



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